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Why Submit the FAFSA?

Important need to know information on why submitting the FAFSA is a must do!

Office Hours:

Office hours for the 2020-2021 school year will be announced before we return to in-person learning. For schedule and questions, please scroll down to read the update. For other questions, please e-mail your counselor.

2020-2021 Counselor Caseloads:

Mrs. Rodriguez- IB Counselor
Mr. Leshinski- Special Pops Counselor

Mrs. Page- Cohort 2024 Counselor (Non IB/SPops) 
Mrs. Pugh- Cohort 2023 Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
Ms. Mervine- Cohort 2022  Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
Ms. Anderson- Cohort 2021 Grade Counselor (Non IB/SPops)
Ms. Baz- ASP College Advisor (Different office hours than the ones listed above.)

*A student's cohort is the year they should graduate based on their entry into 9th grade. For example, a student who entered the 9th grade in 2017 will be a part of Cohort 2021. Entry year 2018 is Cohort 2022. Entry year 2019 is Cohort 2023. For those entering in 2020, they are Cohort 2024.

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Woodrow's Thrive Club is a place for students to talk about mental health in a safe space and to help stop the stigma around feeling ashamed or embarrassed for having mental health issues. If you are interested, click here for more information and who to contact.

Google Classroom Codes

If you still need Google Classroom codes, you can find them on the Virtual Open House Teacher Information slide.

Liberal Arts College Panel

09/24 - 11:00-1:00 - Davidson, Amherst, Pomona and Pitzer - 4 of the top liberal arts colleges are coming to discuss the benefits of small colleges, pre-professional programs, study abroad, and why their institutions should be on our student's college lists. Please click the picture for the flyer. 

Behind the Scenes with Cornel University

09/29 - 11:00-1:00 - Cornell is offering a case study workshop for our students to help them better understand how applications are evaluated, as well as providing guidance on writing strong supplement essays and tips for first-generation college students. Please click the picture for the flyer.

UT Austin & ASP
Exclusive Session

09/29 - 6:30-7:30 - Students and parents are invited to join UT Austin for a discussion about how the current cycle will look for them while providing additional information about the institution and its special programs. Please click the picture for the flyer.

Exclusive Session

10/01 - 6:00-7:00 - USC & ASP Exclusive Session - The University of Southern California is hosting an exclusive session for our students to provide more information about the institution, its programs, and tips for having a strong application.  Please click the picture for the flyer.

VP & Dean's Panel

10/05 - 6:00-7:00 -  Columbia, Brown, UChicago, Johns Hopkins, and Tufts University - An exclusive opportunity for students and parents to hear about the current state of college admissions with the VPs of Enrollment and Financial Aid and the Deans of Admissions from some of the top universities in the country. Please click the picture for the flyer.